Our Team

Oksana Davyda – Chairman of the Board

Oksana, founder, majority shareholder, and owner, is responsible for branding, marketing, and product design. Oksana received her MA in Applied and Decorative Arts from Lviv State Academy of Arts (Ukraine). She has applied her understanding of art, engineering and strong aesthetic sense to develop the Youwalk providing coherent branding and market messaging. She further brings a unique medical heritage, private medical training and familiarity with patient needs through experiences assisting her parents who were highly qualified medical doctors.  As a widow of a disabled military Veteran, she understands the challenges and rewards faced by aging and injury recovery. Veterans hold a special place in her heart and providing them with a device that could help them in their rehabilitation is of great concern. Her original design drives the strength and functionality of the Youwalk and will ensure that our external engineering team delivers the final product that is not only functional but also aesthetically appealing. As Chairman, Oksana strives to protect Youwalk Today, Inc. and Youwalk investors in the most fiduciarily minded ways, whatever it takes.

Paul J. Romero, Jr. – President – CEO

Paul acts as President/CEO and drives all aspects of the marketing and manufacturing team while keeping a tight reign on company finances and expenditures.  As a 10 year decorated US Navy Veteran Special Communications working for the Naval Security Group and National Security Agency, his developed leadership, analyst and management skills will be a real asset along with his drive and intensity.  With a BS in Workforce Education & Development, and pursuit of a double major in Mechanical Engineering & Mathematics he further brings the skills we will need as we advance our workforce from primarily sales and customer service to include in-house manufacturing, assembly, and packaging.  His experience as an Investment Executive, Project Manager, Sales Engineer, and Materials Coordinator give him the unique background to flesh out every department of Youwalk Today, Inc. as we move forward with the vision of our Chairman.

Executive Administrative Assistant

Kristy Julian – Executive Administrative Assistant

Kristy comes with an extensive background covering human resources, accounting, corporate travel coordination, scheduling, event management, and general office management.  She attended Puget Sound Community College for medical billing, health insurance benefits, eligibility benefits, and claims. She had a major drive to improve her career situation after being on her own since age 15 with the added obstacle of cancer.  She did this all on her own and is a testament to the kind of drive, determination, and tenacity we look for here at Youwalk Today, Inc. Her integrity and reputation have put her in the role of “Head Hunter” across a variety of industries, however, we have secured a valuable asset for years to come with someone who understands our clients need to never give up and never surrender!

Chief Marketing Officer

Billie McMillan – Chief Marketing Officer

Billie has been a successful business owner and marketer for over 13 years. She has worked side by side with hundreds of companies to brand, optimize and market their businesses. In addition, she paralleled her business with her passion for senior care leading her to obtain her medical coding certification through AHIMA which allowed her to work in administration for an assisted living facility. Working with the disabled and elderly, she has developed a deeper understanding of the physical challenges they face.  Billie was the lead purchasing agent of all DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and has worked hand in hand with suppliers, doctors, and physical therapists to ensure the needs of the patient were met to optimize their health and well being throughout Southwest Oregon. As CMO for Youwalk™ Today, Billie will be responsible for new product add-on expansion catalog along with general communications and public relations, new business and distribution management. She is a welcome addition to promote and expose Youwalk™.

Lyubomyr “Lyubko” Luchechko – Chief Technical Officer

Lyubomyr is responsible for business operations and technology. He obtained his MA in International Business from Warsaw School of Economics (Poland), an MA in Organizational Communication from Depaul University (USA), and is a self-taught programmer in R and Python. Lyubomyr has over 5 years of operations optimization experience while working in insurance and consulting industries. He will be defining Youwalk Today, Inc’s digital strategy, deploying and managing our website, CRM, email and other productivity applications. Lyubomyr is responsible for implementing Business Intelligence practices and providing the management team, investors and employees with accurate data and valuable insight through internal metrics.

Todd Worley IT specialist

Todd Worley – IT Specialist

Todd Worley is an internet technician specialist and an online marketer. He also has a unique connection with Youwalk™ Today as he is also disabled. Todd has lived with his disability for more than 15 years during which time he struggled, relying on social security. He was introduced to internet marketing in 2013 and found a job he could do with his physical limitations and one that became a passion. That passion grew even more with website development as he took online training to enhance his understanding of programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, HTML5, CSS3. Todd fell in love with the Youwalk™ chair when he saw the first prototype. This was very personal since Todd experienced limited mobility. Todd now works with Youwalk™ Today to spread the word that limited mobility no longer… means a limited life.

Dr Luffy at Youwalk Today

Patricia M Lutfy, MD, DC – Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Board of Directors – Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Lutfy received her medical degree from St George’s University in Grenada, West Indies. She completed her internship in Family Medicine at Southside Hospital in Bayshore, NY and her residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Minnesota and became Board Certified. Her training enabled her to gain extensive experience in Pediatric and Adult Rehabilitative Medicine. While working with patients in both clinical and hospital rehabilitative settings, she has managed patients with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries, stroke, amputation, cancer and various disorders including MS, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease and children with Cerebral Palsy. Dr. Lutfy has served as an Associate Director of Rehabilitation at Palomar Medical Center Downtown Campus, Medical Director of the Acute Rehab Unit in Sutter Coast Hospital in Crescent City and has provided rehabilitative consulting services for several Skilled Nursing facilities located in Escondido, Crescent City, and San Diego. She is a team player who respects and understands the role of integration of all professionals involved in the patient’s care to achieve overall wellbeing and ultimately the best functional outcomes possible.


Kimberly Allen – Licensed Massage Therapist, Promotion & Sales

Kimberly has an extensive background in rehabilitation and will be key as we move into sales.  In 1984 she went to work at Douglas Community Hospital for ten years, splitting that time between Outpatient Physical Therapy and the Inpatient Rehab Care Unit. She expanded her ability to provide additional care for patients through massage school and received her License in 1996.  She returned to the Outpatient Clinic where she continued caring for patients in their rehabilitation for another five years before pursuing an independent career in Massage therapy opening her Day Spa in 2000. To date, she continues this venue of care and takes great joy and comfort as she assists clients to overcome various conditions on a path to a strong recovery through therapeutic offerings.  While working in Physical therapy, she witnessed many diagnoses; from extensive injury from motor vehicle accidents, hip fracture from a fall, head injuries and stroke. Many of the patients she worked with were unable to walk without a walker or crutches or were confined to a wheelchair. They could not transfer or stand without significant help or stand-by assist. When a patient loses the ability to stand or walk it affects the mental, physical, psyche and neurology in their body. This leads to depression, muscle weakness, and atrophy. She saw first hand how these debilitating conditions affected the patient and their family. If the patient was unsafe standing or transferring, they simply could not go home. This caused huge financial and emotional stress on the family. So…What if there was a way to make a patient safe at home, be able to walk without help, and do all of these things without the threat of falling. This would be a great step towards recovered independence! Hope is restored, muscle tone and strength is increased, confidence and independence are regained! Seeing Youwalk Today fill this very niche with innovation, style and cutting edge technology is why she joined the Youwalk Team.  “Youwalk Today imbues confidence, safety, and independence. This is truly a win-win for everyone!”