Shawn Brown’s Passing

President Mike Wilson’s Condolence…

My heart is heavy and sad. On July 30, 2018 Shawn Brown passed away. We have been writing articles and updates on his progress over the past year. My sincere condolences go out to Jeannie, his mom, and family and friends.

mike and shawn brown

Shawn was dear to me the day I met him. There was a fundraiser going on that summer to help raise the money for Shawn to do stem cell treatments. He had been a quadriplegic for the past several years from an ATV accident.

The emotional struggle he faced was at times so overwhelming, he wanted to just give up…at least a thousand times. He found out about the stem cell treatments and read the testimonies of those it helped, who regained their feeling and regained their independent life again.

This gave Shawn great hope. Because his condition was for so long, his own body was fighting against himself, he was fighting against osteomyelitis. While fighting these infections, he couldn’t do the stem cell treatments.

He was in and out of the hospital all year long, sometimes for three months at a time. The pain, sickness and continual disappointments took its toll.

He was a vibrant young man and strong-willed, but sometimes, there is only so much positive thinking one can do before there aren’t any more options.

shawn brown rodeo

About two weeks ago he was given an ultimatum, 6 more weeks of intense antibiotic treatment or hospice. Shawn chose hospice.

We never know, really, what the fight is when our life has changed so dramatically. Shawn went from roping cattle to doing everything through a breathing tube.

If that wasn’t enough, the infections went deep into his bone, causing his body to stop fighting. Every little hope he carried kept getting crushed with bad news and sickness. Shawn, you are a hero. So many people relate to you and your struggles.

shawn brown and mom

Thank you for inspiring so many individuals. You were an amazing fighter and good soul.

Youwalk Today is dedicated to touching lives like Shawn’s, along with his family and those close to him. The reality is, not every situation can be controlled.

Yes, would we like too and help everyone we come across or even our own family members. Absolutely. But even in a story like Shawn’s, there’s still hope and help.

Our hearts break for Shawn and all those who struggle similar conditions and… from these encounters, our hearts also expand, with more love and compassion, giving us a greater desire to do more and help in any way possible.

We’ll never truly know the suffering of someone who is immobile unless we experience that ourselves, but we grow and learn and help. This is what makes us human.

God bless Shawn’s family and friends.

We love you and are honored to have met you.

shawn fundraiser


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