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youwalk therapist testimony

Kimberly Allen

Licensed Massage Therapist #5776

Owner: North River Retreat Day Spa

Hello, my name is Kimberly Allen.  My background in rehabilitation has been extensive.  I went to work at Douglas Community in 1984.  I worked 4 years in outpatient physical therapy then transferred to an Inpatient Rehabcare unit where I  worked for 6 years.  Between 1994 and 1996 I went to massage school while working in rehab. I received my License in 1996.  Continued working in outpatient clinic until August 1999.

I pursued an independent career in Massage therapy and eventually opened my Day Spa in 2000.  I have continued with this venue and enjoy watching people get stronger and healthier with therapeutic offerings.

While I was working in Physical therapy, I saw many different diagnoses; from extensive injury from MVA, Hip replacement or fracture from a fall, head injury and stroke.  Many of the people I worked with were not able to walk without a walker or crutches or were confined to a wheelchair.  They could not transfer or stand without significant help or stand-bye assist.  When a person loses the ability to stand or walk it affects the mental, physical and psychology and neurology in their body.  This leads to depression, muscle weakness or atrophy.

“If our bones are not regularly used to bear substantial weight to sustain strong forces they become soft.  If muscles are not regularly used in challenging and skilled activities, they become weaker and less responsive.  If our brain cells are not systematically involved in a variety of activities they deteriorate.  This softening, weakening and deterioration of our resources takes place gradually and insidiously- not because of aging but because of what we cease to do as we age.”  This was taken from a very good book.  Somatics (chapter called – Atrophy the role of gradual surrender).

I saw how these debilitating conditions affected the person and their family.  If the individual was unable to stand on their own or be safe standing or transferring without assist, they could not go home.  The only options were going home with a family member or go to an assisted living center.  This caused a huge financial and emotional stress on the family.

What if there was a way to make a recovering person safe at home, to walk without help, to be able to do all of these things without the threat of falling.  This would be a great step towards independence again.  Hope is restored, muscle tone and strength is increased and confidence and independence is regained bringing a whole new mental attitude.

Youwalk™ Today, Inc. fills this very niche with innovation, style and cutting-edge technology.  Youwalk™ Today can help imbue confidence, safety, and independence.  It can potentially decrease or eliminate the need for caregivers due to the patient-driven wheelchair feature and mobility. This, in turn, could help decrease the financial burden for the family.  This is truly a win-win for everyone!

Kimberly Allen